Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sembawang Beach Sunrise

Getting up early to catch the sunrise in Singapore is one of the rarest things to do. Most of the time we would be catching sunrise overseas in places such as on the mountain, over the horizon, in the plane or on board a cruise. I had my sunrise shots at Sembawang Beach, located end of Sembawang road. It was a fairly cloudy morning, but the pictures captured could tell the mood and setting of the early morning activities. The clouds did covered up the initial sunrise that emerged from the horizon but that was not a bad thing anyway. Most of us were more interested in the first view of the glaring sun, but well.. Sometimes things do not always seem to be what it is. Make the best out of what you see! My camera settings had been adjusted to 2 modes of sunrise mood: the natural setting and the lowlight setting. 

Natural Mode (basically following what the sky was projecting):

Low Light Photography Mode:

Sunrise photos always portray a very calm and serene feeling on an early quiet morning. A moment of quietness and the very few activities floating around start the day off peacefully. As the day gets brighter, and the sun rises up into the sky litting everything around me, the calmness and tranquility in me too subsided and the busy routine life returns.

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Singapore Botanical Gardens

Visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens always bring back childhood memories in the good old days where our parents would bring us there for family outings. This time round I am back there as a grown up adult to look at Botanical Garden in another way. That is, to capture moments where I had once step foot on... 

The beautiful world of Botanic Gardens

The floras and greeneries put you into a world of mother nature. Admiring the beautiful flowers and tall trees that had overtaken and aged so much in years. There were too many varieties of flowers waiting for you to capture.


The beautiful "cherry blossoms" of Botanic Gardens also blooms around the same season as Taiwan and Japan. Visit the garden in March or April of the year and you can see lots of colourful blooming bougainvillea flowers. We call it the "Cherry Blossoms of Singapore".

Walked over to the ponds where you can see birds around the garden. Of course, you can see the usual mynahs and pigeons, but there were also others where you would not see it along the road. 

On top of these, we could also see other visitors such as squirrels, the Malayan monitor lizard, various insects such as butterflies, drangonflies & damselflies, and of course lots of fishes. You would be surprised with the large number of catfishes population over in the ponds of Botanical Gardens. And they are not small... 

The challenge in capturing insect shots is that they do not stop moving. I had a tough time photographing the butterfly and the squirrel earlier on. My next challenge was to shoot the drangonflies & the damselflies. Well, there were also other insects but i am not sure what was it called.

I was pretty lucky to stumble unpon a pair of mating damselflies. It was so amazing. Their bodies were bent and attached to one another is an interesting manner. I could not find any mating drangonflies. But I believed it would also be in the similar manner. 

The beautiful greenery of the Garden engulfs you in a world of nature. The lush forest cools the place and protects you from the heat. Besides experiencing nature in its own way, lets also view it from another angle, that is the infrared world. 

Click here to understand and visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, our city garden... Thank you!

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