Thursday, 14 December 2017

Dahlia Dreams @ Gardens By The Bay

The Dahlia Dreams flower festival was incorporated together with the Chinese New Year to welcome the new Monkey year of 2016 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Because I had no idea how Dahlia flowers looked like, I decided to pay a visit to the display in the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay. Dahlia flowers were actually the national flower of Mexico.  They were round and fluffy with one flower at each stalk, resembling a round ball coming in different colours. They consisted of numerous petals encircling a central core known as the floral head.

As I arrived at Flower Dome, there were queues lining up at the ticketing counter but for me, I had purchased my tickets online so I saved on the hassle. I proceeded straight in and I was taken aback by the beautiful display of Dahlia flowers. It was so mesmerizing to look at them.

The rounded flower balls were so beautiful to look at. It opened my eyes to another world of flowers. I understood that these flowers could only grow in cool climate and that the temperature in this enclosure was at around 18 degrees. It was pretty cooling upon entering as the outside weather was hot. As I walked around, I started to feel the cold air penetrating into me. Luckily that I had my windbreaker with me, which allowed me to continue to stay in the Dome. Other species of Dahlia flowers included those brillant photos below.

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