Sunday, 31 May 2015

Yishun Pond

I had an early morning walk around the pond located next to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. It was nested within the HDB precinct to cater both the hospital patients and the residents living around nearby. It was a pretty hot morning at 8 am and I could feel the sun's heat burning my arms. Luckily there were ample trees for me to hide myself away from the scorching sun. My walk began at the hospital foodcourt which I had in mind, that I would be back here by noon for lunch. There were lots of butterflies around the area where we first started off.

There were many other interesting insects discoveries. Some of which I would not even know until it went near the flower, then I thought that it should be a bee instead any others. There were different varieties of butterflies too.

As I was busy capturing shots of the hovering insects, another buddy was peering behind me. I did not realize its existence until my friend called out to me. 

These pictures were still taken near the hospital vicinity. Good that the environment here felt so natural. I had my last few shots before I continued my walk.

I was hoping that I could complete my walk within 2 hours because it was not a really huge place. I could see people jogging past me twice while I had only moved a short distance. I sighted some wild birds sun tanning on the branches located on the pond away from people disturbances.

I moved on with sweat flowing down my face, and my skin feeling hot as the sun went up higher and higher. 

I made my way down to the edge of the pond and spotted damselflies flying around. Suprisingly, there were not many dragonflies here as I thought there were. But there were alot of tree lizards. You could almost see them on every couple of trees. And it felt like they were sun tanning too. The tall bushes at the edge of the pond were home to small insects. It was where I spotted the grasshopper and the cockroach. 

I made lots of discoveries so far and I was pretty happy and satisfied. I did not expect to have such findings in a neighbourhood pond. There were many mimosa plant near the pond, and it reminded me of my younger days when I was playing with it when I was a kid. It would close up the moment you touched it. 

I walked on with quicken pace when there were no trees above me. I could see the morning activities of the residents and people trying to make themselves adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Water was running low and hunger sets in. I checked my time and realized it was noon. Time to fill my tummy. I headed back to where I started to find food, and along the way, some other discoveries too. And that called for the end of my walk around Yishun Pond.

Nearest Station: Yishun

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