Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Being an early bird, I hopped on the bus and made my way down to Bishan Park for some nature discoveries. The sun was already up but the air was still cooled. I entered the park via Thomson road, hoping that it was not a long walk to reach the Lotus Pond. Well ,it wasn't. I was greeted by the sound of Cicadas on my way in but I could not spot any of them on the trees. Not long after I had reached my destination, the Lotus Pond. It was a big pond with many beautiful Lotus. It was a beautiful sight, and I started my photoshoot. 

I practically stood there for a while admiring the Lotuses which were displayed in front of me. There were some little animals living within the tall shrubs surrounding the pond. I had managed to capture two kinds of birds, the White Breasted Waterhen, which could be found in most ponds and the other yellow bird which I was not sure of what was it called. It happened to rest upon the leaves where I was shooting the Waterhen, so my attention was diverted. 

I scanned around the edges of the pond and found some damselflies clingling onto the plants. It was my first time seeing different colours compared to the common blue sprite. There were also some insects clingling onto a plant which I had no idea what that was. 

I moved on to continue my walk into the park. A tree lizard stopped by as I walked past it, probably sun bathing. I spotted some bees hovering far above, seems like they were trying to construct a hive. It was too far for me to snap, but I hadmanged to snap a tiny image of it. 

There were few ponds within Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park precint. Busy dragonflies were hovering and flying around, giving me a tough time to capture it. One thing about them was that, they did not stop to rest. Patience came in at this point, so I waited. Finally it paid off. 

I felt that it was a rare sight. These dragonflies were not that common anywhere except for the red one. Look at the wings of the Black Tipped Percher! Beautiful! The one with stripes on its tail was known as Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly. It was a beautiful dragonfly especially with its outstanding colours. On top of the various dragonflies found around the ponds, you could see lots of damselflies too. You need to look carefully to spot it as there were many of them, and it was the common blue sprite damselflies. Seems like it was the mating season then.

Sun was getting up and I could feel the intensified heat burning onto my skin. I managed to capture a picture of the Stork-Billed Kingfisher before it flew away. It was taking shelter in a tree away from the scorching heat. I quickly made my final few shots and left Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park with a satisfied and happy heart.

Nearest Station: Ang Mo Kio or Bishan Station

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