Sunday, 24 January 2016

National Orchid Garden

This was my very first visit to the National Orchid Garden in Singapore ever since it had been there since it's opening in 1995 by our Father, My Lee Kwan Yew. A fee was required to enter and as a result, not many Singaporeans visited it. It was mainly dominated by tourists. In celebration of the Nation's Jubilee Year, the entry to the Orchid Garden was free. I was overly excited when I read the news, made my plans to visit over the coming weekends.

It was crowded at the entrance when I arrived but they were standing and waiting outside the entry gate. I quickly snaked my way in before the commotion aka noise makers got inside. Beautiful environment for me to butterfly around. The pleasing sight of the orchids would blow your minds off.

The orchids at the main garden had displayed a view of vibrant colors. I walked on and arrived at the VIP garden where the orchids were named after some famous people. Some of them whom I did not know but there were a few of them whom I knew who they were. When well-known people visited Singapore for work or leisure, our Prime Minister would play to be their host. On top of that, they would plant an orchid and be named after them. Well, but not all had the opportunity to have chance to plant one. Their orchids were beautiful.

There were lots of different orchids in the VIP garden but some of the names seemed stranger to me, therefore I skipped it. Well, I walked out to the main garden and continue my flowery walk around. I could not bear to leave the place. I spent almost a day in this beautiful place. More flowers to come...

With all the beautiful flowers to view, I had finally ended my walk. I ended my day happily with my camera full of rewards from the National Orchid Garden.

Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens

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