Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sembawang Beach Sunrise

This time round I was determined to get up for another early morning to catach the sunrise again at Sembawang Beach. I believed that it would not be the same for every visit. The similarities for sunrise photos were that most of them would be taken over the horizon. Because in Singapore, due to the industrialization, too many buildings had emerged and we were not able to see any horizon. But sunrise over these buildings were also beautiful as they served as a background image. 

The smokey watery  image just before the sun emerged. This was done by having a long sutter speed.

When the sun is up, there would be only a short moment at the horizon over the buildings before it appeared up in the sky. Therefore shots were precious at this very moment. 

Natural Mode Photo Shots:

Low Light Photo Shots:

Comparing both shooting modes, I would prefer the low light photos shot as it gave a soft and romantic feel. When the sun had already risen high up in the sky, I diverted my direction to other interesting nature where I could find around me in this early morning. The birds' call of nature attracted my attention to some doves loitering around. Doves were pretty cute especially when they were rounded and puffy.

I walked on and found some wild fungus growing on some new fertilized soil for the trees. I understand that wild fungus were unwanted plants growing on fertilized soil to absorb and snatch nutrients that were meant for the trees. Because of its rich nutrients, the fungus were beautifully grown. 

There were few kinds of fungus growing in the area. I love looking at them as they were really beautiful.Some of them were huge, creating a shelter for the smaller ones. 

The beauty of nature had captivated me with its natural growth in the lush greens. It gave me the urge to come back here again to capture its natural growing process of these wildlife. With this, I ended my morning photography walk.

Nearest Station: Sembawang

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